Are you interested in creative approaches and are you looking for practical, therapeutic art-based approaches which can support individuals and groups during transition?


My workshops can be individually tailored if required and focus specifically on the process of transition for all age groups.

I provide a variety of transition support workshops and presentations which include the following:

  • School based talks for students, parents and staff.  (each with a specific, tailored focus). These can be an hour or two in length, or up to a day if required.

  • Presentations at training courses, conferences or other topic specific (transition, trauma, creative approaches, etc.) events. Therapeutic Art workshops for practitioners and non-practitioners. These workshops are one or two days in length and are detailed below.

Those attending in the past have included:

Teachers, parents, counsellors, social workers, teaching assistants, mental health practitioners and more.

My one and two day workshops look at the process of transition, its effects and its impact on individuals and families.

The workshops explore a variety of creative approaches in a relaxed setting for 6-10 people at a time. They also provide a comfortable environment for learning and reflection for  both practitioners and non-practitioners* who work with globally mobile children, young people and their families.

I use a practical hands-on approach, based upon my personal experience as a TCK, art psychotherapist and school counsellor in order to illustrate how to use therapeutic art-based activities  to explore the following issues:

  • What to expect during the process of transition

  • Attachment

  • Identity Development

  • Loss and  Trauma

  • ‘Third Culture’ and Cross Cultural Issues

(*Non-mental health practitioners include the following: social workers, teaching, pastoral and leadership school staff, family members and those who want to learn more about using images in a non-therapeutic setting).

Workshops include both practical and a psycho-educational sections which are outlined below:


Practical Section

The workshop aims to show how the following areas can be explored safely by using creative approaches. A variety of art materials are provided:

  • Self-regulation techniques

  • Practicing ‘in the small’

  • Ways of exploring  identity

  • What if I’m not good at art?

  • Practical steps  (e.g. types of materials, storage etc)



  • Practitioner and non-practitioner: differences in approach

  • Transition and loss: differences and similarities

  • How images ‘frame’  identity and experience

  • Working with Third and Cross-cultural individuals

  • Supporting safely: do’s and don’ts



Personalized group workshops can be held at a venue of your choice. Materials are supplied if required. Please contact me for further information.


Disclaimer: Please note, this workshop does not qualify non-practitioners to facilitate therapy sessions or to call themselves a therapist. These methods of working are highly prescriptive and are not to be used as diagnostic tools (by non-practitioners) in their own right.