Third Culture Kids.

Having worked in a school where approximately two thirds of the students can be classified as Third Culture Kids or TCKs I have learnt to address a number of issues that affect the  wellbeing and impacts on student life. Some of the issues are also relevant to children from cross cultural, blended or adopted families, and even to children who have moved within a country from one area to another.
So what are Third Culture Kids? TCKs are children who grow up out of their parent’s culture, many of whom live in a series of different countries, within a range of cultures, usually while their parents work abroad. The term refers to not being an integral part of their parents (first) culture or the (second) culture of the host country they have moved to, but to being part of a newly created (third) culture consisting of children growing up together as foreigners.


Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Third Culture Kid

Video:  What’s a TCK and the advantages and disadvantages.

Third Culture Kids talking about what it means

Some TCK’s talking about themselves.


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