March 8th-10th 2018 Families in Global Transition Conference: The Hague

The FIGT conference was described to me as ‘a community of strangers’ by several people who highly recommended I attend. Well they were right! It was a fantastic experience and I bumped into a few people I had met whilst working in Kuala Lumpur which was a pleasant surprise.

My presentation was titled: ‘Art Therapy: Creative Approaches for International Students’ and I was lucky to co-present with some wonderful professionals . Daniela Tomer was a huge help in supporting me with the development of my presentation and working with Dr Kelli Sanness, Dr Jacqueline van Haaster Herbstman and Dr Tami Nelson exposed me to new ideas and approaches-many thanks ladies!

I enjoyed presenting and talking about Art Therapy  and had many exciting conversations with other attendees about the arts and creative approaches to working with and supporting CCK’s, TCK’s and TCA’s. Being a parent to two TCK children is fascinating (but challenging at times) and knowing that there are so many people with similar backgrounds who want to support and learn from these lifestyles and experiences made me feel more stabilised overall,  as repatriating to the UK in July 2017 was an extremely challenging experience.

So, to sum up, I came back from FIGT with many memories, new friends, contacts and fantastic new ideas and now I very much hope to go to FIGT 2018. If you are working with the globally mobile population in any context, I can’t recommend it enough and now completely understand why it was recommended to me so highly by Ellen Mahoney from Seachange Mentoring  in Kuala Lumpur back in 2016. I’m very grateful for her advice and attending was both a personal and professional experience which I really needed during the depths of the re-patriation experience.

Art therapy Hague

Shellee presenting Art Therapy and use of pictures where words are not enough

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