Coaching & Counselling Affiliate: Virtual Coffee Session

I was honoured to be asked by Daniela Tomer if I would be interested in taking part in one of our affiliates ‘virtual coffee’ sessions. Following Lois Bushong and Ruth Van Reken, I certainly had some very well-established boots to fill! Yes, it was nail-biting but anxieties aside, was a fantastic experience to not just answer questions about the use of art psychotherapy and therapeutic art approaches within the TCK and global community, but also to raise awareness of the incidence of trauma, unresolved loss, grief and PTSD in this population.

I’m extremely grateful to those who attended and for the time taken and questions asked. Talking about ways of working using images was only part of the session. Deeper issues played a part, as did practical ways of working safely with trauma and PTSD. This was a wonderful global experience for me and one which made me realise just how important the affiliate and FIGT has come to mean to me and my global ‘tribe’. Returning to the UK has been tough-it has changed so much since I left. Finding the links to those with similar life experiences and interests has changed everything. Thank you FIGT (where this all started), the affiliate team, Daniela, Tami, Kelli and Jacqueline and for all those who attended

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