Children’s Accelerated Trauma Treatment Comes to S.E. Asia

May 2015 saw Garden International School host for the first time in South East Asia the Children’s Accelerated Trauma Treatment training . We were were also delighted to have Carly Raby, the founder of Luna and developer of the technique, C.A.T.T.

Both level 1 and level 2 CATT courses  were delivered by Luna Children’s Charity and led by Carly Ruby with the support of me and Sam Raby.

The response and turnout for both levels was so positive, having nearly 40 people on the Level 1 course and over a dozen therapists on the Level 2 course. It was a great opportunity for me to support Carly in delivering the learning material and supporting the attendees, drawing on my experience of using CATT within an international school setting.

Children's Accelerated Trauma Treatment Leaflet 2015

PDF: CATT Leaflet March 2015


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